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Fran's Chocolates is an artisan chocolatier based in Seattle, Washington with a reputation for producing the finest quality chocolates. In addition to photographing and editing product shots, I provide my expertise to create enticing vignettes for social media and web. Working alongside the Creative Director, I assist in product styling.

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Client Work




Photography, Product Styling


Photoshop, Lightroom

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Bittyfish Sushi Chef Illustration
Bittyfish Girl Eating Sushi Illustration
Bittyfish Boy Fishing Illustration


As a family oriented restaurant that doesn’t take itself too seriously, the owners also wanted to highlight the carefree and fun side of dining. Custom Illustrations were created to make the design feel more playful and add character.

Bittyfish Web Mockup

Web Design

Utilizing Webflow, I created a new website for Bittyfish Sushi from scratch. This meant creating all of the graphics and illustrations, as well as taking the photographs. I also needed to ensure that I included online ordering and gift card purchasing options. One of the most important features for a restaurant website is the menu, and with frequently changing offerings, I wanted to ensure that it was simple to update. To make things easy I generated the menu using Webflow's CMS (Content Management System) which allows me to simply enter new menu items on the back end without having to do any formatting.

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Bitty Fish Menu Mockup

Menu Layout

In addition to an extensive sushi menu, Bittyfish Sushi also offers numerous kitchen dishes, sides, and desserts. Many of their guests have allergy and dietary restrictions that necessitate additional labeling. Including all of this information while still making it easy to read and navigate was a challenge to fit on just one page. Menu sections are clearly divided utilizing the brand colors to help differentiate. I also included a system of tags for vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free options. Raw dishes are also clearly indicated.


As a brand new restaurant, Bittyfish Sushi needed photographs of both the interior and exterior for their website and promotional material. They also needed mouth-watering photos of the food to entice new customers. Food photos were also taken for use on social media.

Why Rebrand?

King Donuts has been a local mainstay for over three decades. During that time it has undergone some changes - adding a teriyaki shop and laundromat - but has largely remained the same reliable local donut shop. After adding teriyaki and a laundromat, the shop became known as somewhat of an oddity, and they embraced that with the slogan “It’s a real place!”.

However after the owners retired in 2017, the location was taken over by new owners. King Donuts still holds true to its humble beginnings, however the store now focuses more on producing quality donuts first and foremost. Additionally, they have added Thai to their menu along with teriyaki, and the laundromat closed in early 2020 marking the end of an era. Now King Donuts needs to move away from the quirky laundromat/teriyaki/donut shop and move on to a quality donut shop that still takes pride in its heritage and serves the local community with delicious home made sweets and comfort food.

Brand Positioning

“For hungry Seattlites looking to indulge, King Donut provides quality comfort foods for an affordable price in a welcoming and unpretentious atmosphere.”

Brand Promise

“As Seattle continues to grow and change, we want to provide the local community with a familiar face. Our family takes pride in the quality, home made, and affordable comfort foods we serve up with a smile.”

Research &

The primary audience of King Donuts is the hungry locals in and around the Rainier Beach area who are craving a tasty treat or a familiar meal. Many of them have grown up with the shop and are loyal patrons. Over the years King Donuts has earned a reputation in the greater Seattle area as well, and many hungry Seattlites will make the trip to indulge.

There is a growing potential audience outside of Rainier Beach as well. Delivery services are quickly becoming mainstays in households, and this could expand their territory further. There is also the potential to start selling their donuts at retail outlets such as in grocery stores.

Artisan donuts have become popular with younger demographics, and Seattle is quickly growing. They have a long-standing reputation for quality that will allow them to stand out amongst the many new donut shops popping up around the area.

King Donuts Brand Guide Mockup
King Donuts Brand Guide Mockup
King Donuts Brand Guide Mockup

Brand Guide

For King Donuts, I wanted to redesign the brand to feel a little bit more refined, polished, and modern while maintaining the original charm and character. I drew inspiration from the mural of the Donut King adorning the exterior, and created a new Donut King for the logo. It’s a nod to the original design, while adding some character to the brand. The colors are taken from the iconic pink donut with sprinkles, and are meant to add some sweet fun. For the savory offerings, I decided to differentiate by changing the pink to orange. This helps to more easily distinguish between the two offerings.

King Donuts Menu Mockup

Menu Layout

For the menu design I chose to put the baked goods on one side and the savory offerings on the reverse. The menus easily fit onto a half-sheet sized flyer for grab-and-go convenience. A simple two-color print is cost effective and simple, yet provides contrast and differentiates between the two distinct menus.

King Donuts Takeout MockupKing Donuts Package Mockup
Frans Styled PhotographFrans Styled PhotographFrans Styled PhotographFrans Styled PhotographFrans Styled PhotographFrans Styled PhotographFrans Styled PhotographFrans Styled PhotographFrans Styled PhotographFrans Styled PhotographFrans Styled PhotographFrans Styled PhotographFrans Styled PhotographFrans Styled Photograph
Summermoon Package Mockup


Cold brew has quickly become a favorite among coffee addicts. The smooth cool taste is perfect for enjoying on a hot day, and is the ideal option for a ready-to-drink product.

The classic amber bottle not only protects the coffee from sunlight, it also fits perfectly with the Summermoon brand. Nostalgic, classic, and proud, the dark glass provides contrast to the bright white and red of the label.

The type is bold with just the right amount of Americana, and the bottle fits harmoniously among their existing packaging. The tagline also highlights the unique fire-roasted coffee.

Summermoon Package Mockup
Summermoon Photo Setup


Sometimes you can find the perfect product mockup template online, other times you just have to shoot it yourself. Having worked for many years as a professional food photography, this was right up my alley.

I bought (and enjoyed) a few bags of Summermoon coffee beans to showcase how my bottle design would work alongside existing branding. I then found the perfect bottle of cold brew and carefully removed the label, digitally replacing it with my own.

Scandinese Magazine Spread

About the Magazine

Scandinese Magazine seeks to explore the harmony of sleek Scandinavian minimalism with the natural warmth and contrast of Japanese styling. Photography is featured prominently throughout, and articles focus on how Scandinavian and Japanese cultures harmonize to create something unique. Scandinese is handcrafted and artisan. It celebrates quality and craftsmanship, and draws warmth from natural elements.

Scandinese Magazine Spread
Scandinese Magazine Spread
Scandinese Magazine Spread
Scandinese Magazine Spread
Scandinese Magazine Spread




Form & Function
Nature & Environment

Scandinese Image

Color Palette

Colors are mostly neutral, but also soft and warm - reminiscent of wood and earth. The palette features natural, subdued tones. Contrast is provided with deeper shades of blues and greens.

Scandinese Image

User Personas

Scandinese Persona


27 | Seattle | Project Manager

Olivia has just moved to Seattle to begin a career with Microsoft, and wants to outfit her new apartment. She left behind all her old Ikea furniture, and wants to invest in some quality statement pieces. Olivia loves to host dinner parties with her friends and test out new recipes she finds in Bon Appétit magazine.

Scandinese Persona


35 | New York | Fine Woodworking

Kenji is an artisan furniture craftsman specializing in traditional Japanese joinery. Following his father, he has been woodworking for nearly two decades and sells his work in galleries throughout New York. He likes to escape the hustle and bustle by escaping outdoors with his dog. Although he has little free time, he also enjoys traveling the world and experiencing new cultures.

Scandinese Persona

Anders & Helen

67 & 64 | Bainbridge | Retired

Recently retired, Helen and Anders have just purchased land on Bainbridge Island where they are building their dream home. Anders, an architect, is designing the home himself. Helen enjoys gardening and loves to supply their numerous grandchildren with freshly baked bread and traditional Scandinavian desserts.